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Sessional Records


This committee shall “…review the records of church Sessions, redress whatever they may have done contrary to order and take effectual care that they observe the Constitution of the Church;” (BCO 13-9.b.).

14-3.1. This committee shall establish a procedure to ensure that the Session of each church within the bounds of Presbytery submits its minutes annually for review by the Committee (BCO 12-7).

14-3.2. This committee shall examine the minutes and report notations and exceptions to Presbytery and to the Clerk of that Session, according to the spirit of the Rules of Assembly Operations (RAO Article XIV).

A. Notations and exceptions of form (RAO 16-6, c. 2-3) shall be reported to Presbytery and the Clerk of that Session in writing.

B. Exceptions of substance (RAO 16-6, c. 1 and 16-10) shall be reported on the floor of Presbytery, with recommended action, and to the clerk of that Session.

C. Failure to send statistical information to the General Assembly shall be reported on the floor of Presbytery, and to the clerk of that Session.

14-3.3. This committee shall provide and update guidelines for minutes, which it shall distribute to clerks of Session annually.

14-3.4. This committee shall offer counsel and help to clerks of Session, as it deems necessary.


Class of 2021 RE Wes Hammond Weatherford
  TE Justin Hilliard Faith
Class of 2022 RE Rob Looper Weatherford
  TE Lou Tiscione Weatherford - Chairman
Class of 2023 RE David ("Dave") Haigler New Covenant
  TE David Boxerman Lakeside