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Campus Ministries

University of Texas at Arlington
University of Texas at Dallas RUF International
Southern Methodist University
Southern Methodist University RUF International
University of North Texas
Fort Worth
Texas Christian University
Texas Tech University
University of Texas - Tyler/Tyler Jr. College
Baylor University
Reformed University Fellowship Campus Ministries of the PCA


12-3.1. Campus Ministry Development

This committee shall:

A. Oversee all new campus ministries initiated by Presbytery and cooperate in the oversight of campus ministries started within the bounds of Presbytery by a local church, the Southwest Church Planting Network (analogous to BCO 5-2) or General Assembly, ensuring that these ministries are conducted according to the principles and policy set forth in the Manual for Campus Ministries, Presbyterian Church in America,

B. Raise the necessary funds to initiate new campus ministry development and receive donations for the work of campus ministry development (SR 2-7.2),

C. Establish, in conjunction with the Southwest Joint Committee on Campus Ministries and each campus minister, annual budgets (including all staff salaries), assist in raising annual support and develop strategies to provide for the permanent financial support of campus ministries,

D. Identify potential candidates, recommend such men and extend calls to teaching elders to serve in campus ministry under the auspices of Presbytery, as well as hire un-ordained staff (such as “campus interns”),

E. Encourage churches of Presbytery to pray and and provide financial support for the campus ministries under the oversight of the Southwest Joint Committee on Campus Ministries and promote healthy relationships between campus ministries and local PCA churches near each campus ministry and

F. Encourage the Sessions of the churches of Presbytery to refer college students who are members of their churches to Reformed University Ministries, if one exists on the campus of the college or university they will be attending, and encourage their involvement in that ministry.

12-3.2. Campus Ministers This committee shall oversee all teaching elders working on campuses in the bounds of Presbytery and any staff hired to directly oversee the work of the campus ministers. In conjunction with the Southwest Joint Committee on Campus Ministries and the Area Coordinator, this committee shall:

A. Receive regular reports from each campus minister and send a representative to visit each campus at least annually to report on the condition of the ministry,

B. Evaluate the programs offered at each campus to ensure that the ministry is conducted in accordance with the doctrinal system set forth in the Westminster Confession of Faith, the Larger Catechism and the Shorter Catechism of the Presbyterian Church in America and the principles of Presbyterian polity as set forth in the Book of Church Order,

C. Ensure participation of all campus ministers, staff and interns in area-wide and ministry-at-large programs and projects,

D. Provide mentoring, training and counsel for campus ministers and their wives and make contributions toward the cost of support services, area assistance and training, and ensure that all campus ministers, staff and interns participate in training provided by Reformed University Ministries and

E. Act toward each campus ministry as a Session would act for a local church, including approving major decisions.

12-3.3. This committee shall act as the liaison between Presbytery and the General Assembly Committee on Reformed University Ministries and shall inform Presbytery of the current work of that committee.


Class of 2021 RE Mike Skinner Park Cities
  TE Brian Davis Trinity (Fort Worth) - Chairman
Class of 2022 RE Rob Guzak Christ Church (Carrollton)
  TE Ryan Arkema Arlington
Class of 2023 Vacant  
  TE Ben Wheeler Redeemer (Tyler)
Class of 2024 RE Wade Jewett Trinity (Fort Worth)
  TE Colin Peters